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Accordance NA28 w. Apparatus Review

Accordance NA28 w. Apparatus Review

Thanks to Accordance for allowing me to review what I have found to be the most powerful electronic version of the NA28 available at the present time. In the video below, I demo and review some of my favorite features. Accordance users may also pick up a tip or two on using the software in… Continue Reading

Steve Runge: Stanley Porter’s Argument is Invalid

Steve Runge: Stanley Porter’s Argument is Invalid

A few years ago I discussed some work by Steve Runge that challenges the foundation of Stanley Porter’s argument that the Greek verb does not grammaticalize time but only aspect–the heart of debates in Greek linguistic studies within the field of NT studies over the past 2 1/2 decades (emphasis on within the field of… Continue Reading

Decker's Morphology Catalog of Koine Verbs

Thank you, Rod, for sharing so many of your resources for teaching. The latest is his Morphology Catalog of Koine Verbs in pdf: It is designed so that it can be printed double-sided, trimmed, and inserted inside the cover of Danker’s Concise Lexicon. The primary purpose of this catalog is to provide a morphological supplement to CL which does not contain… Continue Reading

Nestle-Aland 28 On Its Way

£21.xx or $35.xx ain’t bad at all. I didn’t think it was going to be available quite so soon, so this came as a surprise. I would have preferred a wide-margin edition (which is what I normally use–my NA27 wm edition), but from what I read, such an edition isn’t being printed, at least not… Continue Reading

Review of SBL Greek New Testament

P. J. Williams at the ETC blog has reviewed the SBLGNT, concluding: The real significance of this text is the electronic release of its text with an enlightened End-User License Agreement. For this many users will be grateful. However, the hard copy of the SBLGNT is not significantly cheaper than NA27 and offers no advantages… Continue Reading

SBL Greek New Testament @ Bible Gateway

Via Mark Goodacre. . . A good Greek New Testament legally available worldwide via the web is a great thing! What’s new at the website? According to the blog: The site has a new design! We’ve refined Bible Gateway’s design to make it simpler to navigate, and to make it easier to access features… Continue Reading

Accordance 9

Accordance 9 is out, and hopefully I’ll have on opportunity to soon upgrade from 8 and post a brief review. Not long before the release of the newest version of Accordance, Rod Decker was anticipating the release and discussed some of updates to follow this release: The iPhone and iPad app will follow. Sounds like… Continue Reading

Runge's Critique of Porter

Steve Runge has an interesting post in which he challenges the foundation of Porter’s theory of Greek verbal aspect. Here’s an excerpt: To be sure, aspect is far more prominent in Greek than it is in English, whereas the opposite is true of tense in English. However, in neither case is it a matter of… Continue Reading