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Accordance NA28 w. Apparatus Review

Accordance NA28 w. Apparatus Review

Thanks to Accordance for allowing me to review what I have found to be the most powerful electronic version of the NA28 available at the present time.

In the video below, I demo and review some of my favorite features. Accordance users may also pick up a tip or two on using the software in general (e.g., cmd-J in the search bar will yield possible search terms).

In short, you will not find a more searchable, usable NA28 module on another software platform. And importantly, the Accordance version essentially includes everything the print edition has, including the introductions and appendices (I’ve written on the importance of the appendices elsewhere).

A word about other versions: At time of writing, a full NA28 with apparatus is not yet available in either BibleWorks or Logos. BibleWorks has the NA28 tagged text (I have it)–BW is working on releasing the apparatus–but in contrast to the Accordance module, its tagging is primarily morphological and it does not include the introduction or appendices. The Logos version is under development and will include the apparatus, but all indications are that it will not include the introduction or appendices.


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