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Dr Joshua L Mann, PhD, MA, BA, FHEA

I am President and CEO of Expositus, a research and education 501(c)(3) nonprofit working in the area of digital humanities. Previously I was a Research Fellow at CODEC Research Centre for Digital Theology at the University of Durham (UK). My research engages subjects in digital humanities and biblical studies. I am particularly interested in the hermeneutics of technology, i.e., how technology itself means and has politics.

You can find me on twitter @beJLM and Facebook, or follow me on

Books & Monographs: 

  1. Computing the Bible: A Brief History, Digital Research in the Arts and Humanities (Routledge) (under contract).
  2. The Bible and Digital Millennials, co-authored with David Ford and Pete Phillips (Routledge Focus on Religion; Routledge) (under contract).
  3. Understanding the Messiah: The Rhetoric of Perception in Luke-Acts (draft complete, considering publishers).

Essays & Articles

  1. “The Hermeneutics of Digital Bibles” in From Scrolls to Scrolling: Sacred Texts, Materiality, and Dynamic Media Cultures, edited by Bradford A. Anderson (De Gruyter) (invited).
  2. “Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Religion: Past, Present, and Future” in Believing in Bits: Digital Media and the Supernatural (Oxford University Press) (forthcoming).
  3. “Mobile Liturgy: Reflections on the Church of England’s Suite of Digital Apps” Online – Heidelberg Journal of Religions on the Internet, special issue: Religion to Go 12 (2017): 42–59.
  4. “How Technology Means: Texts, History, and Their Associated Technologies” Digital Humanities Quarterly (forthcoming).
  5. “What Is Opened in Luke 24:45, the Mind or the Scriptures?” Journal of Biblical Literature 4 (2016): 799–806.
  6. “The (New) Exodus in Luke and Acts: An Appeal for Moderation,” in The Reverberations of the Exodus in Scripture (ed. R. Michael Fox; Oregon: Pickwick, 2014), 94–120.
  7. “The Rhetorical Function of Chiasmus in Acts 2:2–4,” Midwestern Journal of Theology 2/9.1 (2010): 66–77.

Conference Papers & Presentations:

  1. “Computational Humanities and Digital Theology” Digital Theology (Digitaalinen teologia), Turku University, Finland, Feb. 2017.
  2. “Digital Forms of Scholarly Publications: Effective but Untrusted” Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting, San Antonio, USA, Nov. 2016.
  3. “Understanding the Messiah in Luke-Acts” New Testament Seminar, Dept. of Theology, University of Durham (invited), Feb. 2016.
  4. “Digital Paratextuality” Biblical Literacy in a Media Culture (St John’s College), Jan. 2016.
  5. “(re)Presenting Material Features of Biblical Texts on the Web” SBL Annual Meeting, Atlanta, Nov. 2015.
  6. “Surveillance and Religion” Roundtable Discussion, St John’s College, Durham University, Durham, Sept. 2015.
  7. “How Does Bible Software Affect the Meaning of Our Texts?” British New Testament Conference, Edinburgh, 3–5 Sept. 2015.
  8. “How Does Bible Software Mean?” Digital Research in the Humanities & Arts Conference 2015, Dublin, Sept. 2015.
  9. “From Scrolls to Scrolling: Making the Most of Shifting Modes of Scholarly Communication” The Emerging Humanities: Strategies for the Future, Durham University, Durham, 22 June 2015.
  10. “From Scrolls to Scrolling: The Bible’s Ever-Changing Medium and Layout” CODEC Research Seminar, Durham University, 28 May 2015 (invited).
  11. “Ignorance and Illumination in Luke-Acts: An Overview” Biblical Studies Research Seminar, New College, University of Edinburgh (invited), Nov. 2014
  12. “Illumination and Jewish Unbelief Depicted in Acts” British New Testament Conference, Manchester, Sept. 2014.
  13. “We’ve Got the Power”: How Bibliobloggers Can (and Should) Make the Most of Democratized Media” Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting, Baltimore, USA, Nov. 2013.
  14. “ἀνοίγω and διανοίγω in Luke and Acts: ‘Opening’ as a Narrative Motif ” British New Testament Conference, St. Andrews, Aug. 2013.
  15. “Chiasm in the New Testament: Its Use and Abuse” Society of Biblical Literature, International Meeting, St. Andrews, July 2013.