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Five Reasons I Subscribe to ___________ and you should, too.

For a few reasons I have avoided including a blogroll in my sidebar. While I’m not creating one just yet, I thought I’d take a handful of posts (in no particular order) to mention some sites I subscribe to and why–five reasons why, to be exact. The first:

Rod Decker’s NT Resources Blog

Rod Decker is Professor of New Testament and Greek at Baptist Bible Seminary, Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania. I ran into Rod’s blog after first having paid the main site,, a few visits. I knew his name sounded familiar when I discovered he preceded my Greek professor at Calvary Bible College and Theological Seminary in Kansas City. Five reasons I subscribe to Rod’s blog and you should, too:

  1. Rod shares a wealth of tools, lists, and miscellaneous resources for teaching (or learning) Greek (and really a lot of other things) at both the main site and the blog. (Take this as a recent example).
  2. He highly values the application of Greek grammar and linguistics to NT research and frequently shares insights along these lines (and thereby reminds me not to slack in this area).
  3. He frequently shares updates about ancient language fonts available in unicode.
  4. He has a teacher’s heart (just look at the main site)–something that is often undervalued in NT scholarship.
  5. He loves Greek, macs, and the farm!

2 Responses to Five Reasons I Subscribe to ___________ and you should, too.

  1. The best thing about born-again Mac users and Yankees fans is that it shows that God can save anyone.

    Feel free to decline this comment on your moderation system 🙂

    • David, I knew Rod’s school was close to NYC, but I didn’t know he was a Yankees fan. I might be a Mac user, but I’m no Yankees fan 🙂 I will say its been a tough few years for KC pro sports. Maybe Sporting will make some noise this season–they’re looking good.

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