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More Scholarship Available Online – Epigraphy

Tom Elliot at the Current Epigraphy blog says:

This afternoon, Chuck Jones alerts us to the re-appearance of the journal Τεκμήρια (ISSN 1106-661x).  It is now operating as “a peer reviewed open access journal” under the auspices of the Ινστιτούτο Eλληνικής και Pωμαϊκής Aρχαιότητος (Κ.Ε.Ρ.Α.). Back issues are available on the site (built with the Open Journal Systems publishing system), and in many cases the articles are available in page-scan PDFs and OCR’d PDFs. Information about the reconstituted journal and its submission and review policies are also available. The table of contents for the new issue (vol. 9 = 2008) is worth a look!

I’m all for inexpensive access to epigraphy-related resources (which is becoming more and more common). Take a look at the rest of Tom’s post, esp. his discussion on copyright and fonts–an issue which is really surfacing in light of the flood of digitization going on in scholarship.

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