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Teaching Children

via JP-Flanigan
via JP-Flanigan

I had the privilege of teaching about 80 elementary school children this morning about thankfulness. My wife, a teacher at the private school, was kind to suggest how I might make the core of my message resonate with the children (i.e., how to add creativity!). I always find the task difficult because teaching children requires a kind of precision and clarity that is (in some sense) less necessary in other settings. On the other hand, there is hardly a more enjoyable setting in which to teach–the simplicity and transparency of the children is laudable! Now back to PhD coursework for Monday! 🙂

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  1. If you can teach a child effectively, you can teach anybody. I forget where I received that advice, but it resonates. As a teacher, I periodically ask myself, “Can I explain this to a child?” While not every topic is relevant to a child audience, I have found this to be a helpful–especially since adults are simply grown up children 🙂 It forces me to think carefully, grab good analogies, and be clear.

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