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Recent Happenings: Job(!), Reviews, & Writing

(A personal note.)

Things got quiet around here for much of July as I became unexpectedly but delightfully busy. One outcome of July’s work was, I am pleased to say, a job. In September I am happily taking up the post Research Fellow in Biblical Literacy with CODEC, a research centre of the University of Durham based at St John’s College. Many wonderful people and much great work being done there and I look forward to being a part!

I have also been preparing a few reviews for the blog. On the biblical studies front is Christoph Schaefer’s, Die Zukunft Israels bei Lukas (BZNW 190; Berlin: De Gruyter, 2012). On the tech front are two Ipevo product reviews with screencasts, one of their latest doc cameras and an interactive white board system. The tech reviews will appear shortly.

And there is always much to be written, not least my thesis! In the next week or so I am finishing a paper to be presented in Sept at the BNTC, by far my favorite biblical studies conference. I am also working on a response article–a topic which affects a key verse in my Luke-Acts research–that I will submit to a major journal in my field in the next couple of months.

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