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Logos 5 for Free (Logos Review p.1)

Logos 5 for Free (Logos Review p.1)

Recently I reviewed the latest version of BibleWorks (v. 9). Today and in the coming weeks I will be posting reviews of Logos 5 and Accordance 10, followed by a somewhat standardized comparison of the three programs (where I will share a screencast of performing the same three or four tasks in each of the programs).

Today I begin my review of Logos 5 with the news that now the Logos 5 engine is FREE. (Get it here).

For Logos 4 users hoping to get Logos 5: (1) if you simply want to run the updated engine (i.e., without getting new books and datasets that would come with a full upgrade), then it is free; (2) if you wish to get the updates and new books and datasets in Logos 5, you’ll need the crossgrade (~$150); if you want a full blown upgrade to a Logos 5 package, then you should sign in and look at your package options.

You can read more here and refer to the following chart showing the differences between an ‘upgrade’ from L4 to L5 and an ‘update’:

Price Books Datasets Code
Upgrading Not free New and updated New and updated New and updated
Updating Free Updated only Updated only New and updated

I took advantage of the free update to Logos 5 and, in my next post, I will begin to discuss some new features to version 5.

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