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Krishna and Christ: Getting Stories Straight

Krishna and Christ: Getting Stories Straight

Ronald Huggins has a helpful post clarifying what Hindu texts actually say about Krishna, contrary to more popular claims circulating in the West which are sometimes used to imply that key elements of the story about Jesus in the Gospels are derivative from the Hindu story.

The Claim that Krishna was a Virgin Born, Crucified Savior is a 19th century Western invention that continues to be circulated by ignorant,  intellectually lazy people who’ve never bothered to read the classic Hindu texts on the subject  most of which are now readily available in English. …

Common False Claims: (1) Krishna was born of the virgin Devaki / Devaka /Yasoda (2) on December 25th  and was (3) crucified (4) between two thieves, (5) for our sins, [2] (6) rose from the dead and ascended into heaven.  (7) That he was born/died c. 1200 BC.

He goes on to briefly summarize what Hindu texts actually affirm re. these seven points, and then he shows that images commonly claimed to represent the crucified Krishna are in fact taken from depictions of the crucified Christ.

A quick read with many helpful citations, I recommend it highly.

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