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How much caffeine do you get? lists caffeine contents in various drinks, foods, and medications, including my favorite… espresso! So how about that coffee?


Coffee varies in caffeine content drastically, even in the same coffeehouse, on the same day. Everything from roast styles to brewing methods affect the amount of caffeine you get. The lighter the roast, the more caffeine it has.

  • Starbucks (Grande) iced coffee, 16 oz: 190 mgThis is double-brewed. Without the ice it contains 380mg.
  • Starbucks brewed coffee, 16 oz: 330 mgBrewed coffee has 50% more caffeine on average than instant coffee.
  • Instant coffee, 16 oz: 60-345mg
  • Starbucks latte, 16 oz: 150mg
  • Starbucks espresso, 1 oz (1 shot): 58-75mg

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  1. too much caffeine? that’s not even a possibility. you can’t have too much caffeine any more than you can have too much spirit.

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