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Dreams and Research: Any Relation?

Tommy Wasserman recently discussed an SBL paper he’s working on:

Right now I am working on an SBL paper on Mark 1:1, “The Son of God Was in the Beginning” (perhaps you can guess from the title which reading I am arguing for). In any case I am working through the patristic citations, which has been very rewarding. One very important father who cite Mark 1:1 is Origen.

Interesting enough. But what inspired Tommy to share? He says:

This post has been inspired by an odd dream I had tonight, which I only remember fragmentarily. I dreamt I was going on a bus travel to Caesarea with other text-critics to somehow find out the truth about the Caesarean text. I remember entering the bus and taking my seat beside Ulrich Schmid when suddenly I realized that I had forgotten to bring my luggage! I had to climb off the bus and I missed the trip. I wonder if the other guys found the Caesarean text.

Wow! Who knows…had Tommy made the trip, he may well have come away with an answer! Now if only I could dream up the perfect dissertation! 🙂

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