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Helpful Links for NT Grad Students

To celebrate the internet’s 40th birthday, here are some fairly recent links to helpful posts for New Testament grad students:

Dr. Rodney Decker provides quite a list of Dissertation Research Sites.

Dr. Mark Goodacre let’s us know where to find some NT audio on the web.

Dr. Jim West informs us of opportunities to write for SBL to put biblical scholarship in the hands of high school students.

Dr. Decker quotes from an interview with Larry Hurtado on NT scholarship with a few added notes (interview here).

Dr. (congrats!) Nijay Gupta ads a helpful tab to the collection… This time a discussion on choosing the best monograph series (watch for a link change here… it seems to be living at his ‘cv’ address). Also check out his discussion on preparing a PhD for publication in a monograph series, as well as choosing a journal in which to publish.

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