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Five Approaches to Publishing

Five Approaches to Publishing

I have noticed that among biblical scholars, there are many different approaches to publishing. Here are a few I’ve jotted down that are, of course, not mutually exclusive:

Publish or Perish: Publish on, well, everything, regardless of its originality. You have lecture notes and a publisher, after all!

Publish and Progress: Publish on subjects which need further research, challenge, etc., to advance scholarship. (My favorite).

Publish to PrĂ©cis: Publish broadly in an “overviewish” fashion to keep the sub-disciplines in dialogue.

Publish from Pressure: Publish only when pressed by colleagues, employers, etc. You focus on teaching, right?

Publish from Principle: Publish because a crucial ideology or theology is at stake. It is of supreme or even eternal importance.

I can think of a scholar or two who encapsulates each one well, but I’ll refrain from labeling.

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  1. This is a substantial post having profound significance for the discipline of generative research across several interdisciplinary, cross-cultural approaches to intertextuality. Couldn’t resist getting a few key words together! I think your categories are helpful. I am learning that clear writing requires at-hand, personal knowledge of the data. Analysis and Synthesis over and over.

    Miss ya’ Josh. Take care.

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