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Decker on Grammar

Rod Decker asks, “Where has all the grammar gone?” Reflecting on an ETS session devoted to review a few major exegetical commentaries, he says:

Part way through the afternoon it registered that all the reviews to that point (and the trend continued) said nothing about the author’s handling of the Greek text. That strikes me as odd given that France’s work in in the NIGNTC series, and that Stein and Turner are both in BECNT. One would expect that a concern in evaluating *exegetical* commentaries is how the basics of exegesis were handled. Yet all the attention focused on narrative or redaction issues/criticism and on NT theology. Now those are certainly significant issues, but nothing on grammar (and text crit)?

I encourage you to read the rest. I agree with Decker: Evaluating commentaries (especially exegetical commentaries) must take into account the author’s handling of grammatical issues!

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