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What You Publish Online Is NOT Forever

What You Publish Online Is NOT Forever

A myth is often repeated that what one publishes on the web is permanent. But like any medium, it is anything but permanent. (It would be fun to go just 20 years into the future and see what we have). Digital media are especially susceptible to corruption and deletion.

Sometime in 2005-06, I started blogging at on biblical studies related things. My ‘site’ is no longer available, not archived via the Wayback Machine, though it may be archived on a hard drive Xanga still has around (my emails have not been returned and Xanga is looking a bit defunct). Further, the emails related to that blog have been automatically deleted along the way of hotmail’s journey to the current (I still have that hotmail address, my first email address, by the way).

Of course, my loss is my fault. I had opportunities to archive along the way. In any case, I suspect I’ll never get my Xanga blog back (though I am still trying).

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