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What I Love About Accordance

After using BibleWorks (~5 yrs), Logos (~4 yrs), and Accordance (~1.5 yrs), I have found all three programs to have distinctive advantages and disadvantages as compared to one another. While I hope to offer an in-depth comparison of all three in a couple of months, I now offer what I love about Accordance relative to the other programs:

  1. Accordance is easy to use right out of the box (and even moreĀ useable after picking up a few tips at a seminar or through their online tutorials).
  2. Similarly, Accordance (menus, searches, etc.) are very consistent in diverse situations. This brings the learning curve down quite a bit.
  3. Accordance has superior search results displays. One can customize results in lists and graphs with ease.
  4. Accordance maps are amazing. Map layers and 3-D features are two of my favorites.

Now I recognize that Logos and BibleWorks are capable of some of these same features, but I find Accordance to be superior in these respects. More on the strengths of Logos and BibleWorks in the future.

2 Responses to What I Love About Accordance

  1. I think this is a fair assessment. I use Logos as well, and for being a seminary level commentary and reference library, it is fantastic. The exegetical and passage guide reports are also useful to do a quick work up on a word or verse.

    That said, the Accordance user interface is much more intuitive and elegant out of the box for work flow. The mapping system is as far as I know, not equaled by anyone at this stage.

  2. I’m an Accordance user – mostly because I have to be. My computer is a 4 year old MAC šŸ™‚ I love Accordance, I just wish they would have more titles. I believe their search and user interface is the best, but they don’t even have BDF. Come on people! I’d also love Baker Exegetical Commentary.

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