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"Sake of Truth" in Biblioblogdom

Two notes:

1. I thoroughly enjoyed how three of my posts on NT backgrounds were cleverly listed in the Biblical Studies Carnival XLVI: “Josh Mann flushed the toilet in his first century apartment next to his household idol.” (Please read the articles for context!)

2. I have enjoyed deepening my participation in the community of bibliobloggers. My growing participation must explain a (very unofficial) top 10 ranking for September! (Disclaimer: While I enjoy the fun, I recognize it is just that: fun! I’m serious about biblical studies, not biblioblog rank!)

3 Responses to "Sake of Truth" in Biblioblogdom

  1. good work, brother. good content has been rewarded! i, however, plummeted to the bottom of the list lolz. that’s what happens when your internet is down for 3 weeks, i guess. again, good work, i enjoy checking in on your blog.


  2. Pretty cool. Keep writing excellent posts. It is good to know that with all the effort put into writing, that people are finding it useful. I like your background material (esp. the pictures).

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