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Regular Series: Weekly Readings with Brief Reviews

Weekly Readings and ReviewsIn a recent post, I mentioned that I attempt to keep the subjects of my posts related to my studies. As I have prepared tomorrow’s “Tuesday Time Travel” post (which will look at marriage in the Roman empire and a specific New Testament passage), I have realized how beneficial it is to plan a regular series of posts. For me, it adds a bit more motivation to the drive I already have (along with some added accountability).

With this in mind, I will start posting a weekly reading list on Sundays and brief summaries of these readings on Fridays. At this blog, the readings will have a biblical studies focus. I will do something similar on my personal blog (perhaps reading and summarizing one book each week that is not narrowly focused in biblical studies).

(I can’t help but mention that I’ve included a picture of my book reading assistant here).

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