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Where? And you can help us launch by participating in our KickStarter, now live HERE: helps humans learn about the humanities. Humans need the humanities–subjects like history, literature, religion, and philosophy that are at the heart of culture, the soul of human existence. With a platform for discussion and resources designed for both…Continue Reading

Data Privacy – An option besides "Delete All"?

With so much our data ‘out there’ or accessible to someone/thing ‘out there’, are we left to simply ‘delete all’ or shrug our shoulders? The following article by Harvard’s Jonathan Zittrain suggests that using encryption technology, one could ‘seal’ data until a specified time, securing it even from subpenas, etc., with technology that secures crypto-currency…Continue Reading

"Journalism is Twerking?" NMS 16.4

The analogy is crude but apt, and I think other institutions are guilty, too: The Online Oxford Dictionary (2013) defines “twerk” as an informal verb that means to “dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance.” The journalistic field, threatened by its shrinking economic capital,…Continue Reading

Getting Back Slowly

My good intentions to get back to “regularly scheduled programming” here at the blog were not realized as my family has dealt with some medical issues in our (now) six-week-old son. Fortunately these difficulties are not too serious and can ultimately be corrected. So let me revise my previous forecast and say I’ll be getting…Continue Reading

Gospel of Jesus' Wife, Results

The latest issue of the Harvard Theological Review (free from here) has the long awaited articles regarding various analyses of the so-called Gospel of Jesus’ Wife papyrus, including a point-countpoint-counterpoint between King and Depuydt (TOC below). From Harvard Magazine: The April 2014 issue of the Harvard Theological Review (HTR) includes King’s article (originally slated to…Continue Reading

What We Don't Know Is in Our Libraries

What We Don't Know Is in Our Libraries

These are fun stories: In January, nine papyri documents almost 2,000 years old were discovered by a student in the Luther College library archives, where they had remained hidden in a cardboard box for decades. Luther sophomore Brittany Anderson was conducting a routine inventory of the papers of the late Orlando W. Qualley, longtime professor…Continue Reading