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More on Sheffield

Jim West has what is allegedly a view from ‘the inside’. He says:

I received the following letter from a Sheffield insider- a ‘Sheffieldian Deepthroat’ if you will – and was asked to share it.

Read it all here. It raises question worthy of discussion for all those interested in education and biblical studies.

6 Responses to More on Sheffield

  1. No Jim, I think the blogger is just being “careful” and using legalistic language to prevent a lawsuit (I see the owner of this blog is American, so it kind of makes sense). I know from first hand knowledge that you are not “making it up”. Back to FB … 🙂

  2. My goodness, folks… time to take a look at the dictionary:

    “Allegedly” is an adverb built off the adjective “alleged” which might be defined as “declared or stated to be as described.” I simply used the word because of the uncertainty of the source. I don’t think Jim is lying, but I’m dependent on what is “declared to be as described.” While I admit in some contexts, the word can come to mean “suspect” or “doubtful,” I think it is clear that I didn’t mean that here.

  3. There are two meanings: declared but not proved, and doubtful or suspect. “Represented as existing or as being as described but not so proved; supposed.” The implication is that the source may not be authentic.

    • Stephanie, I’m glad you’ve stopped by and I do hope you’ll take a look around the blog, but I don’t care to further defend that my use of the adverb is completely appropriate. My point was to provide a link to what I thought was an interesting perspective on the Sheffield ordeal. I support the campaign to keep the biblical studies dept. open. Perhaps I could have been clearer in the post with my word choice. Granted.

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