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Logos Update Available

From the logos blog:

There are hundreds of new features, improvements, and bug fixes in 4.0b, but here are some of the most significant ones:

  • Import your notes, highlighting, favorites, and prayer lists from Libronix 3. Tomorrow’s blog post will deal with importing in detail. In the meantime, check out “Importing from LDLS 3” and “Importing Notes from LDLS 3.”
  • A new Prayer List document type in the File menu allows you to manage your prayer lists.
  • Create and edit your highlighting palettes and styles.
  • Export a bibliography from a collection or group of clippings for use in a paper, sermon, etc.
  • Customize the Information Panel with the new settings option.
  • A Parallel Resources drop-down menu lets you quickly jump to similar resources.
  • Resources support navigating by data type levels, highlighting, and search results.
  • Choose to “Search (while typing)” for Bible searches (similar to Bible Speed Search in LDLS 3).
  • Replace a saved layout with the current layout using the new “Update to current snapshot” context menu option.

To see a complete list, check out the 4.0b article on the Logos wiki. [Link not working for me.]

This sounds great. I plan to follow this up with a continuation of my review (pt 1; pt 2) of Logos 4 (in the next week or two).

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