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Interview with Richard B. Hays by J Anderson

John Anderson has a nice interview with Richard Hays of Duke University up at his blog. I found Hays’ background interesting, as well as some of his evaluative comments on this and that. A couple great lines:

One of the problems with biblical scholarship is that the guild becomes preoccupied with methodology, at the expense of actual sensitive reading of texts.


Stefan Alkier’s work on intertextuality very helpfully borrows categories from Umberto Eco to talk about the “encyclopedia of production” and the “encyclopedia of reception” of a work.  That is simply to talk about the frame of cultural knowledge in which a work was produced by its author and perceived by its readers, both originally and subsequently.  When you put the question that way, “intertextuality” is nothing different from what NT critics have always sought to do...

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  1. Thanks for noting the piece. I am pleased with the attention it has received.

    I also found his comment about methodology to be so true; and it is something I have noted recently (with working through the dissertation and having to be so methodologically aware).

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