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Huggins on Taussig's 'Prostituting of Scholarship'

Huggins on Taussig's 'Prostituting of Scholarship'

Ron Huggins recently critiqued Hal Taussig’s A New New Testament, and puts his finger on a problem that I believe plagues more popular-level publishing in our field:

 I am not sure of the exact number but I am quite certain I have at least ten other English translations of the Gospel of Thomas on my shelves in addition to this one. Do we really need another, when so many competent ones are already available?  Yet even then I do not object to someone producing another.  What I do object to is what I consider the prostituting of scholarship through the use of cheap sensationalistic packaging  of the sort employed on Taussig’s “New” New Testament, which essentially seeks to peddle serious scholarship by reducing it to the level of sensationalistic rubbish.

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