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GCR Task Force: "Purpose is Not Seminary Funding"

I know I’m not the only student involved in the SBC who is interested in GCR implications for seminaries (see my previous discussion). Daniel Akin, president of SEBTS, is beginning a series of posts on GCR myths (especially as they relate to the Task Force). The first post: “GCR Myth #1: The goal of [particular members of] the Task Force to get more money to the nations is only a smoke screen to get more money to the seminaries.”

Essentially, this myth is exactly opposite of my previous concern (reflected in the previous discussion link above) that the GCR might take cooperative program funding away from SBC seminaries.

2 Responses to GCR Task Force: "Purpose is Not Seminary Funding"

  1. thanks for pointing out that link. i was a bit perplexed – i’ve seen, heard, and read lots about the possibilities of downsizing the seminaries or putting GGBTS and MBTS under the mastery of southern and/or southwestern. so, to see him clarifying that sbc bigwigs are in fact not out to funnel money TO the seminaries was sort of odd. i don’t get the rhetoric and maneuvering of our convention leaders sometimes.

    • I agree. My assumption is that someone has suggested that the presence of two seminary presidents on the task force will wind up with a committee that funnels money toward the seminaries. In any case, such a thought was totally off my radar, too!

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