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Forthcoming: BibleWorks 8 Review

BibleWorks 8Next week I plan to begin a review of BibleWorks 8 (in parts). Full disclosure: I have used BibleWorks since version 6 came out. I purchased the version 7 upgrade and I was pleased with the new features. I just recently have had the opportunity to use BibleWorks 8 (this time out of the generosity of the good folks at BibleWorks). In the review, I plan to comment on BW8 features, compare BW8 to BW7, and compare BW8 with Accordance and Logos (I own all three products).

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    • I hope to avoid some of the more subjective comparisons (such as “this feels better” or “this is more intuitive”), but I suppose I’ll have to let the responses fall where they may.

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