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Changing Paratexts of Bibles over Time

Changing Paratexts of Bibles over Time

Recently I gave a CODEC Research Seminar on how the paratexts of Bibles–those framing features of Bibles such as book form, covers, page layout, etc.–have changed over time. A recording of the seminar is now available here: “From Scrolls to Scrolling.”

The original abstract is as follows: Biblical texts have been recorded upon (or in) various media and in various layouts over three millennia. Exploring these changes and their effects helps us put digital versions of the Bible in perspective and develop reading strategies for getting the most out of the Bibles we read, whatever the medium. I departed just a bit from this description, but it remains mostly true to the content, I think.

The rest of the year much of my research (esp. seminar papers) will be on related topics with a special focus on scholarly Bible software.

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