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Brill Releases Papyri Database on CD-ROM

(Thanks to G.W. Schwendner at the Papyrology blog for the heads up.)

Brill has made the Berichtigungsliste der Griechisen Papyruskunden aus Ägypten available on CD-ROM. They say:

Now it’s easier than ever to start from the latest insights at the outset of any study of Greek papyrus documents. With the advent of the CD-ROM edition of the great Berichtigungsliste der Griechisen Papyruskunden aus Ägypten, all the scholarship in the field, meticulously assembled over eighty years, is instantly accessible using a wide range of quick-search criteria. There is no better, faster, more satisfactory way to ensure a solid grounding in the corrections of readings and datings, as well as supplementary information, as this work has appeared in a wide spectrum of publications. This CD-ROM makes all eleven volumes (1922–2002) of the masterwork available in electronic form.

Yet one more resource ‘digitized’. More reflections later this weekend.

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