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Booking online: My Recommendation

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Tim recently discussed the booking “fiasco” he endured in planning his SBL trip last year. Jim West responded and offered a recommendation ( My recommendation:! I’ve used the site a few times and I have been quite pleased.

My SBL booking

Using priceline, a friend and I were able to fly round trip from KC to New Orleans and book a studio hotel room (stove top, microwave, sink, fridge, dishwasher) for three nights at the Staybridge Suites for a trim $300 each. Plane tickets… hotel… everything. Hotel stay was great, by the way.

My Method

Of course, book as far in advance as possible. Take a couple of weeks to look at options before you book. It took about a week before anything close to the New Orleans bargain came up on priceline. After you book, contact the hotel and confirm arrangements, ask for upgrades, etc.

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