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Accordance or BibleWorks?

Joel Willitts at Euangelion is beginning a series of posts in which he will “describe” Accordance. It seems he wants to provide the readers with an ‘alternative’ to Bird’s posts on BibleWorks. The first post (linked above) deals with Willitts’ history of experience with Bible software (limited mostly to Accordance and Gramcord). He does mentions that various profs who use both BibleWorks and Accordance agree that Accordance is superior. Hopefully this case will be set out with good comparative evidence in future posts. I’ve not found any really good discussions on the pros and cons of respective Bible software programs (beyond cliche arguments), but I’m not sure this is Willitts’ purpose. Perhaps I’ll find time to do some sort of comparison in coming weeks.

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    • David, I’m looking forward to the seminar coming up in Kansas City. I’m hoping to put together some sort of comparative review later this year which focuses on Accordance, BibleWorks, and Logos (for both mac and pc).

  1. Best thing to do would be have a set of 10-12 things to search for at the “high-research” level and then see how BW and Accordance each do. Speed, ease, accuracy, etc… Everything else is subjective.

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