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Accordance Discounting "Textual Studies" modules

Here’s a rundown: *

Apparatus modules list the variants for each verse. Accordance offers a variety of these tools:

  • On the NT Apparatus CD-ROM you can unlock:
    CNTTS Apparatus now covers the entire New Testament and includes each word in all but the most minor MSS. $100…sale $80
    Tischendorf is an important 19th century NT apparatus in Latin. $50…sale $40
  • The Mac Bibel Studienbibel CD-ROM includes the GNT NA 27 apparatus and the BHS apparatus as well as other texts and tools. $149…sale $119
  • On the Primary 8.4 DVD we offer the partial:
    LXX Swete Apparatus with text
    , when complete will cover the entire LXX. $110…sale $88
    LXX Cambridge Apparatus
    , more in depth but never completed. $60…sale $48
    LXX Apparatus add-on includes both the above at a further discount. $170…$120
  • Göttingen Text and Apparatus: Torah and Ruth to be released soon.

Commentaries and Notes which focus on textual Issues:

  • Comfort Text Commentary discusses the textual variants on each verse, and the challenges faced by translators of English versions. It also introduces the student to the art of textual criticism. This commentary is especially useful for pastors and teachers who know that their audience uses a variety of different English versions. $45…sale $36
  • Metzger Text Commentary discusses textual variations based on the critical apparatus, and the decisions made in compiling the UBS4 text. $35…sale $28
  • NET Notes are included in every Library and Scholar’s Level and highlight significant variants. They are available with the NET Group $30.
  • MT-LXX Parallel aligns the Greek and Hebrew texts word for word. $100…sale $80

Accordance offers a wealthof alternative texts which allow you to compare for yourself (not included in the current sale):

*This is purely an fyi–I don’t profit from these sorts of things.

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