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Access to MJT and my recent article

It appears that the Midwestern Journal of Theology is available online through the Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Library catalog. The latest (Spring 2010) edition is out, and here’s a link to the entire journal issue via the online catalog (pdf format).

In my article, “The Rhetorical Function of Chiasmus in Acts 2:2-4,” [p. 66-77] (yes, quite a boring title!), I conclude:

This article has proposed a chiastic structure in Acts 2:2-4, determined the high probability that the arrangement reflects authorial intentionality, and proposed and evaluated possible functions of the arrangement in the immediate context of Acts 2 and the broader context of Luke-Acts. The possibility that the dense chiasm was present in the author’s source for the Pentecost account has been rejected based on arguments for the probability of Lukan origination. The rhetorical function of chiasmus in the passage has been argued in view of the promise-fulfillment motif in Luke-Acts, especially as the motif relates to the Holy Spirit. In employing chiasmus in Acts 2:2-4, Luke desires to emphasize the manifestation of the Holy Spirit at the moment of the Holy Spirit baptism to indicate a climactic fulfillment of an earlier promise introduced in Luke 3:16 on the lips of John the Baptist and recollected in Acts 1:5 on the lips of Jesus. This is in accordance with Luke’s overarching purpose of providing certainty to his readers regarding the Jesus/early-church tradition, as observed in the preface of Luke-Acts (Luke 1:1-4).

Take a look at how I arrived there if you’re at all interested. I welcome critique and discussion!

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