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3. Blogging with Integrity (pt 2)

(An abridgment of a former series).


Posting with a Purpose

The prerequisite to being ‘others-centered’ is posting with a purpose. It requires thought prior to posting, prior to throwing up the pictures, prior to replying in a comment box. If the purpose is not honorable, integrity is lost. Drop it and move on. How many battles have been fought, even on biblioblogs, in the comment sections or in response posts?! Good discussion entails critique, not attack.

Does Integrity Matter?

Not to everybody, but it should. There are simply some who live by a ‘whatever-it-takes’ attitude. That is their prerogative. I don’t care to argue with those who operate this way. I’m assuming that most of you desire to maintain a certain amount of integrity as you crawl around the web. I also think your readers desire integrity from you, too.

Again, if the content is sound and profitable, influence is precious. But the means of advancing that influence has everything to do with integrity.

(see part 1)

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